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Wanhuida Peksung IP Group (Wanhuida Peksung) is the result of a merger that took place near the end of 2016 between Wanhuida – which was itself composed of two entities - Wanhuida IP Agency and Wanhuida Law Firm - and Peksung IP Ltd. Wanhuida IP Agency was created in 1999 by its founding partner Bai Gang and a group of trademark attorneys who had a clear vision of the level of quality service required by foreign clients for their trademark prosecution and enforcement. It began with a focus on servicing trademark need for multinational companies. In 2001, Wanhuida moved to the firm’s present premise at the Beijing Friendship Hotel. It soon established a reputation as an uprising local firm committed to providing top-notch IP legal services in accordance with worldwide professional standards. With the rising demands of enforcement needs, Wanhuida started its law firm in 2005. While continuing to focus on trademark matters, Wanhuida added patent services to its portfolio. It also opened offices in major IP hubs of China. Besides international clients, the growth of domestic clientele has been fastest in recent years. By 2016, Wanhuida has established itself as a top tier IP service provider in China, a recognized leader in trademark services, with a rising reputation in patent and technology litigation. Peksung has traveled a similar path as Wanhuida, except that its focus was on patent. Started in 2003 as Peksung IP Ltd. by Mr. Jiancheng Jiang and another accomplished patent attorneys in China, Peksung has grown steadily from a firm of several individuals to a patent powerhouse of over 100 professionals, serving multinational companies from all over the world. By 2016, it has established itself as a highly respected patent firm, with particular strength in the fields of chemical, pharmaceutical, life science and mechanical arts. In December 2017, the entire Peksung team was relocated to the Friendship Hotel compound, which completes the physical integration of the two firms. The year of 2018 is an important year for Wanhuida Peksung. The firm has completed its merger of Wanhuida and Peksung with full integration. It is poised to set sail into a bright future. The merged firm has three main legal entities, Wanhuida Law Firm, Wanhuida IP Agency and Peksung IP Ltd. and has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Hongkong, Suzhou, Ningbo, Xiamen and Kunming. Wanhuida Peksung is now home for some 500 employees working exclusively in the field of intellectual property. We have over 100 IP lawyers specialized in IP litigation and enforcement work, 100 trademark attorneys, 100 patent attorneys and other professionals, including investigators and supporting staff. Many of them are recognized leaders in their respective fields. They have a wide range of experiences from private practice, in-house counseling, to government services in courts, police departments and administrative agencies. Our professionals have broad as well as in-depth experience. Over the years, they have accumulatively litigated over thousands of IP cases in courts all over China, prosecuted tens of thousands of patent applications, and filed hundreds of thousands of trademark registrations. Many of the cases are first of its kind. They are recognized by industries, courts and administrative agencies as exemplary cases for their legal significance. Over 20 of our cases have been selected by China’s Supreme People’s Court as exemplary cases or published in the Gazette of the Supreme People’s Court. We serve clients worldwide, China, Europe, the United States, Japan, Korea and other countries. Our clients spread across a broad spectrum of industries, consumer goods, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech, mechanical, electronics and telecommunications. Our clientele grows steadily over the years. Client trust is a hallmark of Wanhuida Peksung services. Their loyal business and generous referrals are the single most important factor contributing to our continued growth.

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    BAI Gang

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    JIANG Jiancheng

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    Trademark practice has been our traditional strength since the firm’s creation.



    In the patent area, we have some 180 professionals with experience in patent litigation, prosecution and counselling.



    With a rising reputation in the copyright field, we are edging ourselves into the elite copyright practitioners in China.



    We are at the leading edge of litigations.



    On enforcement, we are also experienced with administrative enforcement, working with government bodies such as the Administration of Industry and Commerce, customs, local Intellectual Property Offices and the food and drug regulatory authorities.



    We also advise our clients over IP strategy, freedom-to-operate (FTO), infringement, validity and patentability, and counselling of all IP matters.